Built for Recording

Create professional, high-quality, on-brand video content to impress your attendees at your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event!
Man recording on Cloud Present platform

Professional quality video/audio recordings

No matter the quality of your WiFi connection your recordings always look and sound amazing. The quality of the recording is not dependent on the internet connection.

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Easy-to-use platform

Cloud Present is built to run right in your browser so you can record anywhere without installing anything. All your guests have to do is click the invite link. Our “all-in-one” interface makes it easy to use without a learning curve.

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The setup page users see when going to the unique link
Customise what you want our editors to do to your presentations

Hands off process for you and your team

You can send your speakers a link so that they can join the session with a single click. During recording, your footage is automatically uploaded, and once the files have been uploaded, our editors begin creating your presentations

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