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Adding clarity to event recording, easy to use and fully handled.
Man recording on Cloud Present platform

Here's how we do it

One link for everyone

Rather than creating a hundred links for every event and participant, we simply create one. This makes it much easier to manage!

Unique Cloud Present link that users use to access the platform
The setup page users see when going to the unique link

Simple setup for host and guests

No need to install any software, simply click on the link and it will take you straight to our recording platform in your browser. It's easy and quick to use.

Hit record and it'll upload automatically

Recording your presentation online has never been easier. Just press record and start presenting. Your presentation will automatically start uploading while you are recording.

Two users recording on the Cloud Present platform
Customise what you want our editors to do to your presentations

We begin creating your amazing presentations

Once you've completed your presentation our editors will begin the editing process. As soon as we've completed your presentations, you'll be notified!

Just by the way...

Guaranteed quality

By recording and uploading your local recording, we will always have the best quality possible!

Safely uploaded

Uploading while you are recording ensures we have the full recording by the end of the session.

No software needed

Speakers simply record straight from their browsers with just a few clicks.

Your content? Fully handled.
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