Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cloud Present for?

Cloud Present is designed primarily for enterprise companies that want to outsource recording and editing, while guaranteeing the best possible quality. Our team works closely with yours to create seamless, professional video content.

On what browser does Cloud Present work?

Our local recording engine works only with Google Chrome on laptops or desktops. Browsers like safari and Chrome on mobile phones and tablets are not yet supported.

What does locally recorded mean?

Locally recorded means that the recording takes place on the computer instead of over the internet. The advantage of this is that the recordings are in studio quality and after downloading the recording you won't hear the disruptions caused by bad internet connections. For each guest there is a separate locally recorded track.

How is the quality of the recording?

The video recordings are up to 4K resolution and depend on the webcam of each participant.. The audio recordings are WAV 48 kHz 16-bit format. We record locally and you can use your preferred mic.

How many people can record together in a session?

A show can have a maximum of 10 people in a session. 1 host + 9 guests

Does the guest need to send their local recording to the host?

No, we automatically upload the local recordings during the recording.

Do any of my speakers require an account?

No, you will send them a link that gives them access to the recording session.

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